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    My board was stolen in Virginia Beach please help!

    TWEAKER BOTTOM WITH ART by jblacks, on Flickr

    Please Help Find my Board. My friend is here from California and in the process of moving back to the area, he needed to borrow a board for a few weeks. I of course let him, god forbid someone cant surf when living a few blocks from the beach. Anyway he was staying at a freinds house on 24th Street in Virgina Beach and someone broke in and stole my board. The board is a Tommy Moore Tweaker and the pic above is the art work on the bottom of the board. It also now has "RIP Juston" on it as well in blue. The deck side has a Royal Blue and black stripe pattern on the bottom third of the board with a black 5-piece Dakine tail pad.
    There are only two people that should be in possesion of this board if you see it myself "Jon"
    board says For Jon on it along the stringer on the bottom in the art work you see above and secondly the other name thats on it, Tommy Moore, becuase the guy i let borrow it is the guy who shaped it. So if you see this board and people cant tell you where they got it from or their name is different than Jon or Tommy, whip their @$$ grab the board and hit me up with a PM. Thanks guys lets bring sorry @$$ theives to justice.

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    check craigslist for your area and alert the shops to keep an eye out for someone selling it.

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    ill keep an eye out, thats a sick board

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    That sucks! Will keep an eye out for it, especially this weekend.

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    If u find the dbag who took it... Break his fckin nose. I hope u get it back soon.

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    I sincerely hope that lazy coward waste of semen dies a bizarre death, gets consumed by a hog, expelled from the aforementioned beast grows into grass and gets stepped on by you on your way to the beach while you're carrying the TM and dies again. Good luck

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    Dude check the pawn shops. A guy breaks into a house, he's not just some kid looking for a free board. Probably got and an issue with dope and needs some quick cash for some pills. Also look for guys out in the water with bad spray paint jobs. Board with that distinctive art his hard to hide.

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    Watch, someone on here is going to make a mistake and think some poor guy stole his board and is going to smash his face in, can't wait to see the post on here after it's found out it's not even the same board! HAHA