Sup guys,
I know one of these threads pop up like once every two weeks, but thought I'd try and get some input. I'm trying to go on my first ever REAL surf trip to PR this winter. I would like to go like a week or two before christmas and apparently thats when its most consistent. Reading through old threads it sounds like Casa Verde is a good place to stay, and flying into San Juan and renting a car is the best bet?

Main question is, should I bring a board with me? I have a 5'8 quad fish, 5'11 thruster, and a 6'4 fat thick merrick. I know the local shops there will have a really good idea of what I should be riding, but if you guys have any input or suggestions that'd be awesome.

Also from reading other threads it sounds like JetBlue is the answer and has the cheapest flights and board transportation rates.

Thanks in advance.