to be fair, he does have a point: knowledge and experience could be factored in. I may be wrong, but as I understand it, the graphic forecasts that we see on this site are sort of an ensemble of other models, right? models which are running algorithms that make assumptions based on past data and trends... and all of that is super complicated stuff which is why we leave it up to the computers to work the numbers for us... but as advanced as computers are, we have the more powerful computers just sitting here in our skulls. so there may be scenarios where the models are saying one thing but your intuition tells you another thing.. and you may end up being right some of the time! but in the long run the computer models are more accurate most of the time and that's why they are preferred in the industry over Barnacle Bill's predictions. so as frustrated as we all are that we may not get to have that tubular shack fest we were planning this week, SWELL INFO OWES YOU NOTHINGGGGG!!!!! whapow!