Go to NorCal and explore. Between November and February the waves are quality at least 6 days out of 10. SoCal is chock full of self-involved kooks who think the world revolves around them. Honestly, a lot of the locals are ****s who have no clue what it's like to be a wave-starved east coaster. I am not saying "don't go", but fair warning. Of course there are lots of cool people as well, but from my experience the split is 50/50 or worse at most breaks from LA and south. I lived up North for a year (won't be naming any spots on this thread) and surfed alone all the time. It just takes a little effort and some nerves to not get spooked by the masses of sea life all around you. Honestly, there were days when I sat in the lineup hoping somebody would paddle out just to kill the loneliness.