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Thread: Ocean lice out break in monmouth county areas

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    There down here too yall. ( Carolina Beach) Itchy buggers.

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    Carolina Beach
    I was out Sunday morning and a guy I was surfing with kept saying something about them being in his trunks and stinging the **** out of him. I was wearing a short arm fullsuit and didn't notice them at all the 3 hours I was out, maybe I got lucky.

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    Ya I was feeling it in LBI but I think they mainly come out in the evening and are only at some beaches because I went surfing at one beach and they were everywhere and then I went to a different beach a few blocks down and they weren't there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    The only way to avoid sea lice stings is to surf naked, no kidding.
    And Shave... EVERYWHERE!

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    Anyone know if these things die once they are out of the water?

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    yes, they die. i found a couple shriveled up in my suit

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    A great trick that I have found-when I come home after and I feel all itchy and sea licey- i take a shower, BUT i use soap with exfoliation stuff in it- i think dove makes it. For what ever reason- it works like gold. The itching and stinging go right away.

    Also- i have found, as some others have mentioned - wearing a full suit actually makes it worse! They can get flushed down in there... and well... they usually end up in that one spot... its best to ditch the suit. man up. its not that bad, really...

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    any reports on them in Ocean City NJ? any preventative measures that can be taken? vaseline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat View Post
    any reports on them in Ocean City NJ? any preventative measures that can be taken? vaseline?
    That would be an affirmative for OC, NJ!

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    we haven't had any in DE yet but I am sure they are on there way. When there in the water I wear my full suit normally and it way I found to stop the sting is roll in hot sand usually stops the itch till you the home at least.....