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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBratton View Post
    Les, he is a rat.
    Nice first post! I see you didn't do your homework before you started calling me a rat.
    I'm a Senior Member(5 years) and have tons of photos and over 100 videos uploaded to this site that i filmed and edited! What have you done on swell info besides make an account just to talk SHlT? YOU'RE THE RAT! Think about what you say next time!

    back to topic, I have a 5'7" 23" wide 2 3/4" thick, new, never been in the water, made for Texas surf. It's your for $300. You wont find a Texas board anywhere besides Texas. It's hard to find a board on the East and West Coast that's made for Mushy,choppy, wind swell, crap like we mostly get here.
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    There is a decent size underground shaping community popping up in TX. We've been shipping a lot of blanks and materials to 'backyard' surfboard and wakeskate shapers. It's nice to see guys shaping boards specifically for Texas surf. Cali and EC shapers don't know your waves! How can they make what you need?

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