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Okay guys,

So hereís the deal. I have been doing jumping jacks and pushups for the last 3 days anticipating a big ground swell for the upcoming surf later in the week. I have a 14í foam top w/o a leash and Iím a bit concerned for my safety. I need some tips for handling my own out there. Iím thinking about waxing my board in preparation for the monster surf and plan to paddle out on the surferís beach in Belmar, NJ! Iíll probably bring my 5.4 mill in case of upwelling. What do you guys think?
Yesterday I saw a few guys doing a nice job using foam boards.....and a dozen guys literally standing, feet in the sand, in the break jumping off the bottom onto their glass boards without paddling in. Bit of a hazard to surf with, but they must have been real surfers because they had glass boards under 9ft.