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    Question 5/4/3 Excel infinity winter wet suit?

    Yesterday I tried on a 5/4/3 Excel infinity hooded wet suit- felt cozy and warm with good mobility and better than that 5/4/3 stormtrooper hooded suit I have now ( I need a new suit the one I have is to small and tight on my arms.. it cuts my circulation)

    The surfers in the shops all said that this Excel was the best one, it was around 300.00.
    I don't want to make another mistake on a the wrong suit!

    Does anyone have this suit? Or advice?

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    I just got the Infinity 5/4/3 a week ago. Surfed in it once and loved it. It was easier to paddle in then my 4/3 with back zip. And I was sweating in it for the first hour.

    I payed about $340, so if you can get it for $300 I'd say go for it!

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    Doooo Itttt!!!! Will Def Be Better Than You 6/5/4

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    Bought mine two months ago and have had no regrets. This was my first year surfing the MidAtlantic and was throughly impressed with the suit's ability to keep me warm and still allow me to stay flexible inspite of the noticible increase in thickness (which I'm still getting used to). $300 is a good deal and the Infiniti is worth the investment. Go for it!

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    i hear awesome things about that suit, know some ppl that LOVE it...

    i got the hyperflex 5/4/3 amp hooded this winter for $200, used it a couple times and have never been near getting a chill in the water; so warm and so flexible

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeSpongerChicks View Post
    Does anyone have this suit? Or advice?
    yes and is the best suit i've ever had/

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    Talking Awesome !

    Thanks soo much for all your feedback, I feel so much better now, knowing that its a great suit you guys are happy with!
    My B-day this week, I think I know what I am going to buy myself this year !