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    Scott Anderson Surfboards????

    Hey anyone have any info they could share about Scott Anderson surfboards?
    I saw one in my local shop. it looked close to the size specs Im looking for in a new board but Ive never really heard of him before.
    thanks for any info.
    Mike Fitz

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    My local shop carries Anderson boards and I have seen a few out in the water. The same quality & craftsmanship that you expect from a higher-end CA label (Hobie, Bing, Christenson, etc) Every Anderson I see has amazing color schemes and designs. If all else fails, give them a call and ask them a few questions.

    Anderson's website (about section) :

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    I rode an Anderson Farberow for about a year a while back. Bit more of a noseriding-centric design than what I was looking for so I sold it back to the guy I bought it from, but the craftsmanship was second to none. Which model are you looking at?

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    Hey guys thanks for the reply... Im looking at a model called the big boy, sort of a short board for bigger guys.
    5fin setup, looks like a short board but its 7'2", there is also one at 7'4", both around 2.75 thick and 21 inches wide.
    Has more foam in the center but at that size and my size I should be able to duckdive it no problems while having good enough float for me.
    The one thing that I have read in a few different spots is that the glass jobs are questionable sometimes and I have a heavey foot when I surf.