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    fair price on new handmade boards

    Starting to get the hang of it. Shaping and gassing fairly consistant. I'm curious as too what you think is a fair price for boards from a new but capable shaper. I'm not doing it for a living I just enjoy it. I'd appreciate all of your opinions. Thankyou,

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    Sorry for the poor grammar as well, it is a hassle to fix on my phone.

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    have you made boards for all your friends yet?
    I'm in the same boat... trying to learn all I can.
    I just ask friends who are looking to get a board shaped to put up the money for materials and I'm happy to do the work and learn as I go. (anyone decent will, of course, throw in a little extra)
    I'm confident enough that I won't totally f*** it up. So it's a win:win arrangement.
    that said: for friends, $350 covers shaping and glassing given that it's a labor of love for me.

    I hope that helps someone.

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    Thank you I appreciate it and yes I've shaped 4 for friends at cost pretty much and before those I did 3 just to make sure i was comfortable making something for someone else