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    Question Help on selecting Fin set - rail to rail

    Hi guys,

    I just got a new stick from Surf Prescriptions. It's a 6'1'' Buddy-x. I really need your help, please read on...

    The board is pretty good. I'm still getting the feeling of it, but the following is quite noticeable (I was surfing 3 to 4 ft waves, kinda fast, but not too much... was using a FCS AM2 thruster fin set):


    * super easy to paddle in a wave

    * Very, very fast on my fronthand. Didn't manage to go fast on my backhand, but I think it only takes getting used to (probably due to feet placement).

    * Stable when going fast


    * only one Con. The board feels kinda stiff. I was surfing a fast wave, but when I got the opportunity to pull a cutback, it seemed the damn thing wouldn't turn! I'm not talking about releasing the tail, but doing a simple turn (rail to rail?).

    All things considered, I like my new board. My objective was to increment my wave count, and that board will do just that. I also like that it's fast, and it seems to hold the line on a fast drop (although on my backhand IT FEELS THE OPPOSITE, like I need to do a full bottom turn before getting up the wall).

    But I'm really bummed that it feels so stiff turning. I was working on my cutback, and it feels like I took a few steps back...

    I'm surfing my Buddy-x as a Tri-fin (AM2), but I intend (WILL) buy a Quad set. I'm hoping I could compensate the stiffness by using an appropriate quad set.

    Do you guys think a new Fin Set can help ease out the stiffness?

    It's important to note that i don't want to release the tail (I actually want to, but I think it's waaaaay beyond my abilities), I just want an easier time transitioning rail to rail. I want to be able to transition from my front hand to my backhand in a blink, and so forth

    I will purchase a quad fin set regardless because I don't have one yet. But if you think a specific thruster set will suit my problem better, please do tell.

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