I've been watching the reports and charts since Sunday, just waiting for them to drastically change or drop down to red 2-3ft or something else like normal, but NOPE! Not trying to jinx anything, but this looks like this is it. Surfline and Swell info calling for 2+ overhead and clean on weds. so GIDDY UP. I put in the best pitch I could to the boss man yesterday, telling him that this was a once a year, if that, opportunity for me and that I needed to take off Weds. and Thursday and that it would be my sole vacation ( yeah right), but he bought it. He told me to just take the whole week off.....UMMM YES PLEASE! So needless to say I am beyond amped, with a whole week off from work and the forecasts looking the way they are, looks like Christmas came a little early this year, atleast I hope so( again please no jinx). But I will be driving down to the OBX tomorrow from RVA and staying down south and checking all of those spots tomorrow afternoon then crashing in the car or camping until first light Weds. when I hope I wake up to find East Coast perfection, insta-boner type lines.( I can dream can't I?) I have an awful feeling and pretty much know that s-turns and that whole stretch is going to be an absolute zoo with the reports looking like this for so long and the summer having been so flat, but I hope its not too crazy. I'll have to stop and check out the new inlet area or whatever I heard about on here that is before S-turns but I'll probably be doing the stop and drive all the way to the lighthouse before I make a decision. Hope everyone has an incredible week of waves and fun. If anyone needs a ride down to obx in VA, let me know, I am rolling solo as of now. Hope to see some of you all out in the water, just not all of you haha. I'll be surfing way up north for a few days after the peak of this first swell in Corova, never surfed up there besides in Corolla on family vacations, Any suggestions or info on that area the 4x4 corova would be appreciated. Sorry for typing so much, a little inebriated and feeling like a kid on christmas eve! AHHHHHHHHHHH