Hi guys,

I had another post here, but this time I'm being more specific. Let me try to be brief:

I just got a 6'1'' Buddy-x. The board is fast, easy to paddle, but feels TIGHT. Takes too long to transition from rail to rail.

I'm buying a QUAD SET, and my main concern is compensate for the stiffness. I don't want to release the tail, I actually like some hold on my fins. All I want is to turn faster.

I checked the K2.1, TC Aqua-Line and the SF4 Stretch.

I really like the idea of getting the k2.1, but considering that my problem is very specific (need a tighter turning arc), I feel that the other 2 may suit my problem better.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I really appreciate the help.

BTW, this is kinda urgent. I'm from Brazil and I'm traveling to SoCal this weekend. Fins are super expensive in Brazil, so I need to purchase the fins in SoCal.