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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    Central Pier (Tennessee Ave) in AC was always a super-easy wave to get at...a short walk along a skeevy drainage pipe got you halfway out....time the sets right and and you're out in a couple of paddles.

    however, old friends up there tell me AC just underwent some kind of massive beach restoration and nothing is breaking right, so i have no idea if that's still the case.
    Yeah the Pier at Tennessee Ave used to be super nice until they did tons of construction and now the whole area is weak (and really difficult to get out in). Plus they have all that rebar in the water which makes it sketchy.

    Try Northern Jersey where they have rock jetties.

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    For a novice, look for a big jetty. There is always a good rip thatll drag you right out. You'll learn to pick up on rips btwn sandbars in beach break with experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drinkupdog View Post
    no such thing as a hard paddle out in NJ
    Im not even from the area and I know that's totally wrong. Nj has heavy hollow waves breaking very close to shore. Not a lot variety in the waves. All basically the same. A lot of effort just to move a few feet because so much is happening in such a small area. No real channels or anything. This isn't pipeline or other breaks that have a easy paddle out. Brutal paddle outs especially when a storm passes close by. Think about trying to paddle out at "c"(gambling) pier just after irene. Ouch. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i've been told AC surf is all messed up from all the sand that got pumped in. surfed up there last September - parked right on the beach in front of the Revel (with an ACBP card on the dashboard) and had a wonderful time but i understand that beach is all f*cked up now as well. so where do people surf in AC these days?
    yup they definitely destroyed some amazing spots. I surfed S.Carolina ave groin for years but my favorite spot when it was on was always the lefts at GO KARTS proper... (the pier used to say "GO KARTS" back in the day but eventually just said "GO" which was cool to look up and see when you were thinking about throwing it all over the ledge on a suicide drop right in front of the pier with the insanity pee wee herman music blasting from Ripleys and the go cart guy over the PA system yelling "GO FASTER!" "NO BOMPING")... the paddle out was a shallow walk out to the end of the pipe and then an express train rip right out to the peak... on the the day after a Noreaster you'd have "the box" out in front of the pier starting at the rockpile on the other side, the main peak, and then the outsiders and sometimes frieght train sets connecting it all together... anyway those days are gone.. now there are some other mutant heaving death barrels up the beach a bit... some guys surf those spots but i dunno, looks like a neck breaker to me. I've got kids now..

    best of luck this week. I'll be out.. somewhere..

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    NJ has some hard paddle outs487837_10151963980760374_1610466593_n.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by patgeds22 View Post
    Anyone willing to share the location of a channel or something that gives a somewhat easy paddle out?
    If you can't make the paddle out then you don't belong out there. pretty simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by In the Soup View Post
    NJ has some hard paddle outs487837_10151963980760374_1610466593_n.jpg
    not really.

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    Brah I agree with you 100%... I've had some of my toughest paddle outs when it's going off in jersey! Don't under estimate jerseys raw power

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    long period swell should be a pretty easy paddle out everywhere, no?
    My same thought. Can someone confirm this ?