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Thread: fins

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    Any recomendations on fins (not flippers). I really liked the H-2 mediums but I already broke two of them and don't want to spend another $100. The PC-7s and GAMs that came with my Firewire and Merrick respectively were too big and stiff. Any suggestions? thanks

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    Just out of curiousity, are you breaking FCS or Futures fins?
    For FCS, the G-1000 is a nice small fin that will loosen up the board in smaller surf. Or maybe just use a small trailer fin with the Merricks if you still have the side fins. I agree big stiff fins suck the life out of a board.
    These guys sell FCS for $37/set and Futures for less than that. That price includes all of the FCS plugs, but i would think they would knock a few $ off for just the fins. They also sell single fins when you just need one. For those prices you can afford to experiment.
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