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    VA Beach or Ocean City MD

    I took tomorrow off of work to take advantage of this swell, but don't know whether to head to VA Beach or Ocean City, MD. I am not familiar with either, but live in DC so im cool riding out to either one. Any suggestions? Where is a good place to paddle out?

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    go to the outer banks. the waves will be 1000x better than either of the other two places, and the drive is...well, it'll be worth it. just my opinion!

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    Pick whichever location has the more favorable local wind conditions for the time you'll be there and check the cams just before you leave. If you're doing a day trip, then you can wait til the last second to make your choice.

    From my experience, Va Beach surf tends to be smaller sized but more regular (especially Sandbridge). OC is very sectioned and somewhat chaotic, but there might be localized places that aren't that way. The latter is also very tide dependent, with low tide/incoming much better than vice-versa. All this might go out the window with larger hurricane surf, however. I'll let the experts weigh in on that.

    I'm going to be doing the same thing as you, except on Friday. Have fun!

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    Ive never been to ocmd but i have seen pictures they are more likely to get barrels. I live in vb so i know how the conditions here are. Good lines if winds are right. Not to many barrels though. But ripable waves. I would go to obx as someone else said. Do a little searching and find great waves down there and less crowds.
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    wave gets danger deep pretty ugly? wtf does that mean

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    He probably compares croatans high tide back wash to the wedge, as he rides home in his jetta with yakamma racks. Thats where danger deep pretty ugly came from!!

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    MD is fickle. Sectiony as ****e lately. Many spots just aren't set up the way they were in the past.
    Super tide dependant and gonna be crowded where its good. But thats not news.

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    Head to the Md beaches. If you want steeper take offs and hollower sections then the OC beach breaks will suit you. However with size and long period swell you'll get more close outs in OC. If it gets bigger I would drive to the Fed Park at Assateague where it holds larger swell with longer rides and breaks outsider farther. They'll be alot of longboarders though but plenty of waves to be had. Good luck and have fun!

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