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the forum is very user friendly. It's quite simple really. Actually i'm sure you will catch on quite fast though. You seem like an intelligent person (and I'm sure you are). It was you're "I'm taking the highroad" approach that gave it away. But it's ok because I sir don't give a horses taint what you say. This is an internet forum ( it's pretty user friendly) and it is just plain fun to take shots at people. My friends and family do it to me and I haven't blown my head off with a shotgun. It's just a forum. So unbunch your panties, you know, the ones your creepy uncle herman gave to you and chill the eff out. And sir by all means please put some ointment on your peginis the doctor gave you. Have a wonderful night sir

You gotta be kiddn me. Take off the self-anointed crown, jackass, & spare us your sanctimonious craaaapola.
Oh, and don't drink & post, Jerkwater.