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    Question 5'8" Custom Erie ShortBoard for a 6'3" 165lbs Rider??

    Hey guys, So I just got a really great deal on this custom 5'8" Erie ShortBoard.

    Only problem is I'm a little tall for it. (6'3" 165lbs)
    Ive talked to a few people though and everyone seems to be telling me once I get a feel for it, It'll work out fine & that Ill most likely just be a little frustrated with it at first, but will be doable and beneficial in the long run.

    I'd love to here what you guys think about this. Whether you believe its do-able, a good choice etc.

    Photo Below
    Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 10.44.53 PM.jpg
    Length: 5'8"
    Nose: 11 1/2
    Width: 14 1/4
    Thickness: 2 1/8
    Fins: FCS

    Thanks in advance.
    South Florida;West Palm Beach
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    Your height does not really matter that much, its your weight thats more important.. Those dimensions seem a little on the small size for your weight. Do you mean the tail is 14 1/4"? Whats the width in the center? According to those dimensions listed you have about 22-23 litres of foam which is way too little for 165 pounds.
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