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    No I think Johnson and Johnson really meant Gentile! They didn't want Jews, Muslims, or those zany Hindus influencing how we raise our children. Anyway.. I just got back from my 3 hour lunch break spent surfing with all the wonderful fellas at 5th street jetty in OCNJ. Everyone was soooo friendly. It was gray, rain. Smiles all around. I shoulda stayed in Sea Isle..... I thought when the shoobs left everyone was supposed to be happy again???? These dudes need some of Stretchy's aloha vibe.
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    Yah, I guess it's okay to not be Jewish. . . The word is "genteel" Sheesh, surfers. . .

  2. No its called realism. People here are egotistical and I chose to live away from that sort of mentality if u will. Call it hippy if u will but the life I live isnt open to judgements. What u think about me doesnt affect me so therfore it doesnt matter. U r nothing to me and neither is anybody who isnt stepping in the right direction. And thats for me to decide. So say what u will but kno at the end of the day u never mattered

  3. Aloha bruh!

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    Contact me in PM or shoot me an email at When you hear this opportunity you will want to do it, I promise and it will actually be fun to make this money. It has to do with the ocean too. I really want to do this but haven't found the right person, maybe your it! Get in touch with me bro and lets surf, party and make some $$$.

    Every money making opportunity I hear about I want to DO IT! Relax bra and smoke a spliff. Were all just having fun after a hard days surf. Whats more fun after a hard day than hooking into the big cheese mr. and ( ms. ?) swell infotainment ?