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nah...we had such small waves for such a long stretch this summer that the bars here are all wonky & out of whack. maybe this swell will stir **** up in time for the next one (whenever that is), but like i said, it's just mile long closeouts all over the place. ocnj is NOT the place to be for this swell.
south end of VB oceanfront has been the same unless you want to join the mayhem at 1st street and the pier.
I've gotta hop in the truck today and search for something, anything, with some sort of peak.

Best luck i've had has been to cruise the beach looking for good rip currents and surfing the edges of those. They're happening in the deeper spots so usually it doesn't closeout as bad.

Thank you Leslie...it's almost like you've become a friendly neighbor...but i've got my speed pumps down now...how about a wave or 2 with a shoulder...i wanna smack some lips...please????