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    Had a good 4 -hour session this morning, had lunch and watched the Patriots beat Tennessee. The sets were solid shoulder to head high and lining up with offshore winds.

    Rhode Island has some fun point breaks that are taking the swells from Leslie with no problem.

    The beaches are hit or miss, but have been ridable.

    I know this will piss some people off, but Ruggles Ave. in Newport can handle almost any swell that hits it from Hurricanes because it is a true point break. There are plenty more in Rhode Island and the Islands.

    Pros like Ian Walsh and Garrett McNamara have made the trip here when it gets big. No bull****.

    I say to our brothers from New Jersey to Florida to make a trip up here next Hurricane swell and check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Scobeyville... Irene was about as good as it gets around here. It was absolutely ON for that one day, that we'll all remember for our lifetimes.

    But sitting here, exhausted... stinging, bloodshot eyes... rashed up and sea lice bitten... sunburned face... totally surfed out... I couldn't bee happier.

    You got that was on today, overhead and offshore winds...i was in heaven my friend
    I forgot to mention something really weird happened to me today, i was sitting in the line up this afternoon and a friggin 4ft. shark was on top of the water swimming right for me, he was about 5ft. away, i slapped the water several times hoping it would scare did...30+ years of surfing , that was a first. Scared the hell out of
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    yeah I did get a great day er I started this thread and a bunch of mediocre days so what the hell. a good start. keep em coming!