Hey everyone,

I was hoping people could share some advice with me on learning to surf on Long Island. I've been at it for a month and have been out 8 times but have just been riding white water closer to the beach. Tuesday and Wednesday I went out and wasn't able to paddle out past the break so again I stayed in and rode some white water and took a pounding for a couple of hours. Yesterday morning I went out and found a channel and started paddling to the outside. As I got close to getting beyond the break a 5 or 6 foot wave came and swallowed me up and spit me out. I was a little rattled and realized I was not ready for this size wave yet so I headed closer to shore and rode some white water again.

My question is when did people know they were ready to head to the outside and start riding some bigger waves? It seems like the conditions on Long Island aren't great for learning in that I haven't come across any 2-3 foot gentle rolling waves like when I took some lessons in Hawaii. It's either white water or too big for what I'm ready for. So if anyone had any advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks.