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The best advice I could give is, like everyone here said, don't get discouraged and don't give up. Stay out of more experienced surfers way (for your own safety and theirs) and go as often as you possibly can.

In my opinion, standing up and riding the surfboard is the easy part of surfing - the hard part, and the part that really separates the good from the inexperienced is knowledge of the ocean... wave selection, knowing where to paddle out, where to sit, etc. This is something that can only be developed with a lot of time in the water - as all breaks are generally different and even change day by day, you must develop a distinct ability to read what has changed and how to work with it when you go out. The only way to do that is to get out there and take a pounding a couple of times... lol
I like what this guy has to say as I am going through that now.Learning how to surf when a lot of other guys are around me in the water plus reading the conditions that sometimes change mid session is hard work at times.Sometimes Ill only catch 5 waves in a session then get pounded in the break zone and be in the wrong spots the rest of the time..I have been surfing a year minus the winter and I am 45. Getting frustrated out there is a result of my unrealistic expectation but of course it happens. On days that the conditions are hard I need to work on duck dives and paddling out. Catching smaller ones in between sets I have started doing also.Nice to see all the encouraging words on here.The Northeast is friendly and glad to surf here.