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    WRV - - a service / retail biz that is lost

    I support 'local surf shops.' Includes WRV. Might get a board bag for less money on Yes. I have stayed local.

    I stopped by WRV VA B last week. Was looking for boards & board bags. Selected a board bag on my own, because after 10 minutes of being ignored by WRV staff I figured it out on my own. Selected a board bag, unhooked it & brought it to the counter. And then waited 5 mins. I know it was 5 mins, because I clocked it. Where in this world of gringo North American consumerism does anyone wait 5 minutes at a counter to purchase goods?

    WRV. That's where.

    The worst was yet to come. As I'm standing there at the counter, waiting, looking at bars of wax & assorted whatevers, an employee, approximately late 30's, named 'Shane' appears. "That it?" he grunts at me. I say excuse me? "Is that it?!" Shane states with a bit more eff you in his voice. I say, well, I'd like 3 bars of warm water wax & 4 bars of cold water wax. Shane slaps the wax on the counter & says that's $ 81.45. I say, uh, I'm guessing that you're not one of the owners? Shane: "huh?" Me: well, I'm not hearing much customer service here in your customer service business, and I don't like the way you just barked at me "that's it?." Shane says, "Don't know what to tell you, man." I say, well then, could I get a bag for the wax? And I hand him a Benjo, he hands me my change, doesn't say thank you, nothing at all, just stares at me like I don't belong there in WRV & like I'm not welcome at all.
    I finally break: I say, "I gotta tell ya, you're a jackass."

    Which, Shane is. A Jackass. He's destroying a business that someone built. He's pissing on the job opportunity that whoever owns WRV enabled him to have. At the very least, Shane is in the wrong business. Shane is unhelpful, totally rude, & does not understand client service as a business.

    I own a service business. I would never stand for this treatment of my clients. If I heard it, his Manager would have to restrain me from firing his arse & from firing his staffer's arse.
    Our clients will be treated as gold, nothing less, always !

    This guy Shane would be in re-training in 2 seconds. If he didn't get it, it he didn't want to get it, see ya, find a job with the county government where people really, truly are just marking time & collecting a paycheck & screwing businesses with higher taxes.

    I have heard from other friends & associates that their experiences with WRV mirrors mine. WRV must be creaming the tourists for the 90 day rack-it-up spell every summer.

    My experiences with,,, and many other online retailers is friendly, professional, helpful.

    Hello, WRV...?! That's what retail is, you clowns.

    I would not return to WRV, and I would not recommend WRV to anyone. No wonder the 'local surf shop' is getting its arse handed to itself via the Internet shops.

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    is that it??

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    I've had similar experiences with them and I try to avoid WRV unless no one else has what I'm looking for.
    I went in the other day to pick up a pair of sidebite fins. The first sales associate was great, very helpful and friendly. Went back about an hour later to pick up a set of rear fins for a quad setup and the guy helping me acted like he didn't want to be there and was doing me a favor waiting on me.
    Customer service is becoming a lost art.
    I'd much rather give my money to Freedom or Surf and Adventure.

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    So did you speak to the manager?

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    I don't think I know Shane... but I can say that WRV employees Geoff and Dave are both super-cool, first rate guys. If you ever decide to give RV another shot, seek out either of these two guys and your experience will be 180 degrees from that which Shane provided. Hopefully Les or one of his managers will see this and set things straight.

    I can second what VBWaveski said in that Dave Shotten and all of his crew at Freedom have always been welcoming and super helpful.

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    Xtreamly board in Dartmouth Ma. has excellent customer service if your ever in Southern mass check them out!

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    Yeah xtremely board is a great shop, sorry to hear about the bad service experience at wrv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clintopher View Post
    So did you speak to the manager?
    No, I didn't seek out the manager. I was pretty steamed at that point. I figured that leaving would be the wiser course of action, before I ran my mouth & said things I couldn't take back.

    I don't actually need to correct or repair their business model for them, meaning if they are screwing up in the client service aspect, it's their business funeral. I didn't employ that arse. WRV did.

    I did send an email to the attention of the owner, via the WRV website. I don't expect a reply.
    Because a business that tolerates an employee like 'Shane' is a business that doesn't care about anything except bottom line profits. And that's not a biz that I'll spend money with. Ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcyr2 View Post
    Xtreamly board in Dartmouth Ma. has excellent customer service if your ever in Southern mass check them out!
    So, this is positive, good stuff. Let' change the thread from how lame WRV is to how good some shops really are.

    Any other positive board shop experiences? I'm all for keeping it local. Not a big fan of anon Internet sites, no matter what the price is.

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    WRV is local. IF you are having trouble with the employees, Call the 757 number and ask for Dave. He is a good guy and has been around since I was a kid. He is either manager, owner, something, but definitely a lifer. Seasonal help, on the other hand, is sometimes shady. These guys are "too cool" for a real job. They are $10/hr celebrities. "I F**king run this place, kook". Let them have their fun. I wouldn't let it ruin your day any more than the b***h on her cell phone at the counter in the filling station. If you want a circle jerk at the counter go to Freedom surf shop and buy a $40 tee shirt that looks like it came from a yard sale... I mean, "I don't know what to tell you, man."
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