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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    If they were surfers, wouldn't they know something about the surfboards they were selling. Had pretty much the same experience as yankee at the shop in Kitty Hawk a couple years it please, pumpmaster...I can almost guarantee that you've never even been there. And I'm calling bull**** on your surfer theory, I'm a damn good worker.

    Well, good for you but your reading comprehension skills are lacking:

    we are talking about surfers here....The guy was probably pissed off that he was stuck in the shop while it was firing. not to say his attitude was right but I can understand it and have seen it a billion times over the years. some shops are like that (to be fair, i have no clue how WRV operates). They serve locals and do ok with that. If they don't know you, then they tend to be standoffish. If that is the way this shop works then go somewhere else.

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    Aww do you babies need your hand held when you shop. I never herd so much crying. Were do you go that you actually get this dream service, No Where. Get over it kooks. If you go in a shop to buy a board you should already know what your looking for, unless you dont know how to surf. So the guy working picks up on your kookyness and they dont want another b**** sitting on a board at first street. Sounds like you all go in the shops with these attitudes of course no one wants to help you I know if I worked in one and you came in I would tell you to kick rocks. cry babies

    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    A really good post by TGThumbs. Thumbs up.....(couldn't help it, sorry)

    The reality is that it is simply about client service: the company that values your business will understand that doing whatever it takes, within reason, will earn the business. The 'Net allows all of us to reach the best shapers & the best surf shops in the world.

    I mentioned Rusty Surfboards in a previous post. Just a really impressive positive, professional, helpful attitude from the guys there. Others, like Austin (awesome dude, superb client care, gorgeous boards) are out there, too.

    It seems that too many 'local' surf shops are aimed at nailing the tourons to the wall on pricing. Maybe that's how some shops meet their overhead. But that m.o. won't generate repeat biz from the surfers who would / could be the local shop's core business.

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    I never feel comfortable going into a surf shop so if I'm ignored I'm OK with it. However, Shane's attitude does reflect on the company in a negative way. Having said that as a restaurant owner I've seen customers come in with an attitude which makes difficult to be pleasant to them...

  4. The vb location is just full of aggro macho bradda men. Every surfer IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE jelly of someone else working in a surf shop. it almost seems like a privilege, tho i have never worked retail...
    anyway, i've seen a handful of them surf.... they shouldn't quit their day jobs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by thisguysthumbs View Post
    My fave there was I went in looking for a basic straw lifeguards hat, and the girl told me she'd lifeguarded for years and never heard of such a thing. There on the rack was one from Billabong. My problem is, I wanted one without some logo - a near impossible quest I know but excuse me for my peculiarities.
    Try any of the tacky beach shops along the strip. They should have plenty and they're probably 50% off now that the tourons have gone home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    I bet Shane farted in the box before he sent it to you.
    LOL!! You owe me a keyboard.

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    I don't see what's so offensive about "That's it?" It's just another way of saying "Do you need anything else today?" If I were shane I would've acted the same way to some pric making a big deal out of nothing.

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    Every gas station from here to Frisco sells those hats.

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    pumpmaster...yeah, i saw that after i posted. If that's all you got on me, is a little reading comprehension than so be it. From the way you talk on here, i figured you were so hardcore that you would have surfed obx...but i guess you just flock with all the other homies at the point.

    jai-guru- there is absolutely nothing wrong with WRV boards. I own two of them and they are great boards, maybe a little light on the glassing, but other than that, solid. It's more about the people who they have working in their shops. I bought my WRV boards at another surf shop in OCMD, and they are always helpful and get my business.

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    Dude If thats the worst thing that happened to you that day Id say your havin a pretty good day.I mean really if you got such a bad vibe from shane you should have just left the **** on the counter and walked out. but to rag on wrv and possibly get him fired cuz you didnt get a bag.pretty weak.