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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    where did you manage to get all these fins of all sizes and why are you selling them all?
    I'm with him...what's going on here?

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    Ill have to look only ones right now if i can find them are some Tc redlines PC

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    large. Can do 30 bucks let me know

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    Pm me about the panchos and shipping info. Im in nj

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    All PMs replied!

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    I haven't seen anyone else reply saying that they'd received their fins.

    So let me be the first... I received a SICK brand new set of the Jordy prototype Futures today only a few days after contacting Turrtle. They look pretty sweet and I'm looking forward to giving them a spin during the next swell.

    Thanks Turrtle!

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    Sick!!!! Stoked man, let me know how u like Em once u get a chance!

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    Pm sent ,
    thanks ~

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    MB3 and Panchos SOLD