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    The Legend of Eddie Aikau

    How many of you saw this last night? I thought it was very well done. Sam George did a great job, as always. What did you guys think? For those that didn't catch it, here's a link for you, enjoy!

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    I thought it was really good. I didn't realize he was on the Hokulea (did I get that right?) and paddled from it, I thought he attempted to paddle to it.

    Anyway, watching it was an appropriate way to end a great day of waves.

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    I was walking down Mass Ave looking for a post-sesh bite to eat when I saw this playing on the tvs in a sushi bar... it was perfect

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    It was a great show. I did not know the entire story of Eddie until I watched it. I hope he was at peace during his last moments.

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    Had to work... but I really wanted to see it. My brother tivo'd for me so I'll probably catch it this weekend. I saw the surfline story about it and it looked really good.

    Another documentary I saw recently that was really, really good was the Bob Marley story. VH1 had been playing it and its also on Netflix. That's another story that I didn't realize there was so much more to. Not only of course was he a pioneer in his music, but he also was responsible for ending Jamaican turmoil, and brought his examples of peace to Africa. He united two political parties who were at war and had them hold hands on stage during his concert! He was huge across the globe including England and Europe before exploding in the US.

    If you'll haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it!

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    DVR'd it and watched after work. Some of those 30/30's are just all out epic (Jimmy V) but this one was very good. Learned a lot about the colonization of Hawaii and the plight of its native people. Hawaii seems like paradise but there are a ton of racial, social, and economic problems. Eddie was a pioneer and inspiring and courageous. I guess him and his wife split before they had and kids? Eddie would go!

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    Great show! Missed the beginning, but what a great guy!
    And an honorable way to go.

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    Bout 10 years back I had a T-Shirt that said "Eddie Would Go" and it was funny because I had so many people ask me what the hell it meant.

    He was a real man.... even if he didn't like you he would still stand up for you and what was right.

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    That was a heavy show. Very well done.
    Imagine trying to paddle 12 miles to land for help.
    I don't like to think of what really happened to him out there.
    How odd that a tourist on a plane spotted the Hokuleau which resulted in their rescue....the same tourists that the show was railing against.
    It's a shame what happened to the native Hawaiians and the development of the islands, but their experience is not unique in the history of the world.

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    this a good flic