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    I have seen some good GoPro videos shot by a hand held of the subject. That is the rare exception. Most of it amateurish looking. As the saying goes, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

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    Nah it doesn't look good facing it towards the wave. I thought for sure it would, but I was sadly mistaken. And can't we just agree that we like to look at ourselves? It doesn't seem all that strange to want to watch yourself surf. It's awesome. Here's a story...I really hope this guys sees this and replies. This happened last sunday (23rd). Some guy in OC (a sponger) paddled over to me from about 20 ft away. He was smiling, so I gave him a head nod to be friendly. Shortly after, he says, "You must get some kooky footage on that thing, huh?". And here's how the rest of the convo went:

    me: yeah man
    sponger: you gotta be a narcissist to have one of those things with it just facing you the whole time, huh?
    me: yeah dude us surfers are just selfish idiots
    sponger: you gotta be a surfer first to be a selfish surfer idiot
    me: (slowly paddles away confused and upset I couldn't think of something clever to say)

    I just don't understand why anyone goes out of their way to confront someone they don't even know, for no reason whatsoever. Come one guys and gals, remember what Mom says, if you have nothing nice to say than don't say anything at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJSur4 View Post
    I have yet to ever see a Go-Pro video that was not from the perspective of looking at the person surfing. Real original, plus nobody wants to stare at your kook face while the frame is all shaky and crappy from you chop hops. Why is it that anyone who owns a go pro and that is like more than half to @ssbags in the water these days have to have it on the nose of their board looking at them. That perspective sucks! Get over yourselves.
    If you are going to use it for your own improvement i.e. see what your doing wrong or where you can improve, thats great good for you. But if you are going to make, edit and post it to share on the internet change up the perspective you selfish attention whores.
    chill out buddy just becasue you're in a bad mood doesnt mean you need to rant on here. and btw you are wrong some of those videos are sick check out brian conleys **** and the wildlyfe videos. keep it to yourself jerkoff. go home hater!

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    I never liked go pro videos, but there are a few that are pretty good! Mostly from professionals of course though.
    Here's two nice one's from Kelly Slater.

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    now that's the sh!t...Slater Rules!

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    if you have to post your own clips, no one wants to see them. If someone else is posting clips of you, thats a different story. Go-Pros are for self fulfilling knuckleheads. You suck, thats why no one is taking your picture. if your rocking a go-pro you think you are better than you actually are.

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    I don't even own a Go-Pro but to the OP you are way off. Dude, the videos are not for you - the main reason people purchase Go-Pros are so they can watch themselves. So stop hating on people who get stoked when watching themselves surf waves. They don't care about the quality of the wave, the quality of their own surfing, or impressing upon your own ego. They only care about getting some cool footage of themselves riding water that they can watch later when the water is flat.
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    as i always post, this forum is full of a bunch of kooks in internet terms. just let the sh_itty, repetitive threads die already
    (beats dead horse)

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    I was longboarding on knee to thigh high waves today. Not one other person out. Had long lefts all to myself.
    Brought the gopro with me and I had some nice vids. Held it in my hand and video'd myself from that angle..
    I don't think it was a knucklehead thing to do. and years from now I'll enjoy looking at the session...