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    Opinions on the best way to repair this ding

    So I'm fairly certain I got this sucker riding the white water back in to shore on my stomach and then slammed into a shell or rock. The actual ding is approx. 2\" in diameter, but there is a depression about 3\" in diameter. I'm concerned that if I do this repair wrong it could have considerable impact on performance considering its located between one of the side and center fins.

    I was thinking I should prepare a filler batch with some qcell and put that over the entire depression to create a flat surface again and then patch it once dried and sanded down. Would this be the best option? Or should i not bother with the filler and just patch over because it wont affect the performance? Other options?
    Any and all opinions and input are appreciated! Thanks everyone!

    Ps. I don't wanna get it professionally repaired. Takes away from the learning experience and its too damn costly
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