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    Surf fins and SUP fins for sale H3 Nexus

    I'm in Wilmington, NC and I have the following fins for sale:

    A brand new Futures Fins Triangle Cutaway Fin 52.3 and a used Hobie 9.25\" Phase 3 Race SUP fin.

    I also have a set of FCS H3 Nexus fins (Large) that are like new, a 7.5\" California Classic fin (red) and a 9" Donald Takayama pivot fin by Fibre Glass Fin Co. for sale.

    I'm asking $90 for the H3 Nexus fins, $40 for the California Classic and $50 for the Donald Takayama pivot fin. I'm asking $80 for the Futures fin and $40 for the Hobie fin. The futures fin comes with a fin sleeve (it is behind the fin in the attached image). Here's a description of the fins:

    The FCS H-3 NEXUS features an efficient, low aspect ratio elliptical template. The long base increases drive, moderate volume in the tip enhances the flex and coil characteristics, and the smooth transitional trailing edge reduces water separation, which is traditionally linked to cavitation.

    California Classic
    Every culture has a staple crop, a plant that has flourished for generations in the happiest and harshest conditions that nature presents. The Mayans had maize, and True Ames has the California Classic - a versatile design, moderate in area and rake, that will adequately nourish any board in any wave.

    A true classic, pivot style fin for more tradtional square tail boards. The MTP will help with noseriding and freeing up the tail of a heavy, single fin log. Can also be used on any other type of board for a more tradtional feel or if you want the tail to really hold in when on the nose.

    Futures Fins Triangle Cutaway Fin
    The Future Fins Stand Up and Paddle Triangle Cutaway Fin is a small fin that has the stability of a large fin due to a unique template design that incorporates a leading edge that shed weeds and the bulk of the area deep in the water. A perfect all-around fin for open-ocean, downwind and flat-water racing.

    Hobie Phase 3 Race fin
    The Hobie fin is a traditional all round SUP fin and is in good shape.

    If interested, please PM me or text me at 443 670 4876

    Thanks for looking
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