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    lost mini driver

    anyone have one? if so, what do you think? what sized surf do you ride it in and when does it perform best? thinking about one for waist-head high surf. just broke my rocket and i didn't exactly love it...

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    i too want to know a bit of info about it. looks like a fun board. what's your height and weight mOtion732

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    whats your ability? height? weight? and your rocket size? What did you like about it? what did you like?

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    that you had lost

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    Turrtle, what size mini drivers did you get? how much do you weight/height? thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Turrtle View Post
    I have had two mini drivers. The first one was just insanely too big. Really chunky and way too skatey. I know that's the poit of the board but it was just too full. The second one I got was a custom that had a much more foiled rail and slightly pulled in tail. The thing went insane in our last little south swell. Lots of hold and drive and was a great paddler.

    I have been hooked on riding my new v2 rocket this summer and once the swell got pumping I took out my magic semipro good wave board. And to my surprise I totally got caught up in that weird short stubby board to needle nose transition. I couldnt adjust to the lack of foam and excess rocker up front. Went in and swapped out to the mini driver and it was night and day. Not that my semipro is getting the boot but just need some consistent waves to start need my standard shortboard stuff.

    Great board and if u wanted a two board quiver I recommend both the v2rocket and mini driver

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    what volume did you get the custom at? I was thinking the 19.5 stock width would be too wide. I can agree with the lower rail apex to help in bigger conditions and bottom turns. So you added more rocker in the tail? More like the driver?

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    turtle sounds great i think i'm more leaning towards what you did with the board. I really like what you did with the rails as I think the stock rails are too boxy. Did you go and speak with Matt about it or goto a local shop? Would be interesting to see what your board looked like vs the stock as its pretty similar dimensions but tweaked nicely! How did the stock 5'11 go when you were 185-190?

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    i'm 5'11 height and weigh about 165-170lb. I ride a 5'11 x 18.88 x 2.32. 27.6L seems to float decent and goes alright in 3ft surf. I like the way the mini driver looks and I think it would be a super quick fun board.

    I was thinking about getting the 5'9 but I wanted to get something longer (like you did), shorter width and obviously rails at 2.32 as I really like the rails on my driver and don't seem to bog a rail like I do on some other boxy railed boards. I found surf shops didn't really know what they were selling (jacks, hss) and felt like i wanted to talk to the shaper but can't find any info to speak with someone at lost directly about it.

    I think by getting the longer board you could ride it in bigger surf (like you mentioned before wants more) so maybe a 6'0 but keep the volume around the same 27.5 mark.