As of this Saturday AM, there is a long-period swell passing east of the carolinas - it's only about a day-trip for the 16-seconders to New England. So tomorrow AM, we should see some nice surf along Cape, Rhodie, and then above there. The 14-seconders will follow about 5 hours later for us in New England. Not bad. Perhaps a bit will trickle by late today since the swell is actually out there further north and east - even less time for some of it. Let's hope it's as good or better than the forecasts! Most call for about 3 - 4 - maybe 6ft. @ 14s or thereabouts for the Cape Cod area. It should at least be semi-clean with a light W/WNW wind tomorrow for South Shore Boston area. I guess I can wait until tomorrow but if I see something later today, I probably won't be able to stay out of the water!