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    Again let's all be friends

  2. I smell squid

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOSTsoul View Post
    Stay off the mid-atlantic forum.
    Sorry, didn't know this was communist Russia...will only post in my region from here on out, forgot this isn't a forum for open opinions, stories, or ideas on surfing.

    But seriously, LOSTsoul, I read the Mid-Atlantic because I happen to have family and a vacation rental in OBX, so as much as it kills you to see a Florida profile in your precious Mid-Atlantic section, get over it. Not my fault I'm not stuck in one part of the good old US of A.

    You're kinda sounding like the "stay off of my lawn ya damns kids" old guy right now.

    You know, you Mid-atlantic guys (primarily NJ) are very similar to each other. If you read these posts often, which I tend to, but I comment far less, you'll notice a lot of the aggro comes out of your area. I've never once seen guys fight over a wave here in SouthFL, but you guys make it sound like you're ready to crack skulls if one kook drops in on you. I'm sorry but if guys like LOSTsoul and ihatelongboarders are a reflection of NJ surfing, then I understand how that state got its reputation. I'm just saying....
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