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Thread: The Kook Cycle

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    I'm sorry.. what the F*CK is this dork face talking about?
    Who cares whether or not some forum dude wants to name drop and try to sound cool? everyone wants to be cool, right?
    I read so much stupid complaining crap on these forums lately.
    Is it really that bad out there? On good days, it doesn't seem so bad to me.. and I've been around for a while.
    Why are all these snot nosed kids trying to prove themselves by ranting on forums?
    Get out there and experience life while your young, guys... for chrissakes... it's not going to get any better that's for sure... If you keep up this level of ranting, what are you going to be *****ing about in five years??
    I'm kinda glad forums weren't around when I was a stupid angry young azzole thinking I was entitled to waves...

    Well now you've pulled me into the maelstrom of loathing.. thanks for that..

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Agabinet View Post
    I like the idea of the Aloha spirit. I'm no great surfer, but I can paddle and catch waves. This summer at Nobadeer there was a gent my age (mid 50's) trying to catch waves on a foamie that was too short. I let him surf my longboard, and helped him catch his first wave on his own. I felt great about that . . . right board, a little encouragement, and he's one step closer to getting out of kook stage.

    haha! you helped someone *****

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    Still talkin bout that damn Ron Jon sticker on my fartknocker, I thought everyone forgot about it by now

  4. Another pure form of electronic entertainment... start a blog dorks (