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I drove from Sea Bright to Manasquan and the only spots even picking up the swell were Belmar to Manasquan. Even there it was 95% close outs, drop in maybe one turn and done, oh and packed. Glassy for 4 hours? It was onshore by 10 am. Unless you scored the cove good, which I doubt, your either kidding yourself or BSing.
I did the same, drove from Asbury to Sea Girt and stopped somewhere between. Surfed from 7:30 to almost 12. Was glassy for a couple hours and stayed clean the whole time, never went onshore more than maybe 2mph. I really only saw about 10-15 closeouts the whole session which is probably why there was about 20 other people there. Plenty of waves to go around though, got more turns in today than all summer. Sets were breaking outside the jetty all the way to the sand, do the walkaround and paddle back out. I don't care what you believe, I caught it good and you didn't. No reason to be jealous.