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    Quote Originally Posted by 15stwr View Post
    dawn patrol is far and away the best time for a session in snj imo...once you have kids it is so much easier to get out of the house when everyone is sleeping. there is simply no better way to start the day....
    +1 on this! i can't remember how many times i'd wake up early as a child, before i started surfing myself, to find my dad sneaking, tip-toeing really, out of the house to catch an early session! he'd always hush my questions & tell me to go back to bed. when i was older & started surfing, it became a great ritual for us to have some father-son time & to get me away from my older sister, w/ whom i had a pretty textbook sibling rivalry.

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    Surfing at dawn is definitely gratifying, after a DP session feel like I'm good for the day-don't need to do anything else , unless the dreaded yardwork , less crowds, unmatched scenery for VB/OBX, peaceful..etc.

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    Ive Dawn Patroled more times than I can count but it's always amazing to see the sun peak over the horizon!