Pretty wild chanting "death to america" "Americans will pay for their dis-honor"

Really? I posted this to hear what everyone thinks. Seems like it is going to be a little bit more dangerous trying to book flights to Indo, no? I have not seen the movie, but what I find is crazy is no one in America really gives a sh_t. I'm not talking about the general situation it created now, but no one here even knew the movie existed! It's some low budget crap of a movie, that has seemed cause all this mayhem. The two different prespectives are so far off its scary. Muslims seem to be FLIPPING out, while Americans are saying yeah it was wrong, but it was just a movie not too much of a big deal. U can just see the rage in the protestors eyes. Meanwhile, its hardly news here, and people just seem to shrug it off. Sorry for the grammar, this was more just thoughts....

So the question is, are u still gonna book that flight to INDO?