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    Where is the inlet cult?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    your freakin crazy if u think that pic is crowded.u eastcoasters have it made.come on down to cali and check any video of sandspit,its like trying to drive down a road littered with potholes.then u run one guy over because he was in ur way and then u get jumped by 20 guys when u get back to the beach!i do understand theres lots of kooks out there who sit on the inside and u have to surf around them,but trust me thats nothing.i surfed the inlet one time,and that was hurricane bill back in 09.i was out from 6-8am,and there were atleast 80 people in the water,most of them not even surfing.i think we need to regulate the breaks to get rid the "old timers."i understand u been surfing since the 60s,but maybe its time to call it quits.i know many of them,and they tell me all the time,they usually paddle out and comingle amongst there buddies,and not even surf!!its like seniors driving 30mph on the parkway,they need to go!!!
    Get rid of the old timers? I don't get that logic. Most of the older guys I know are the ones that respect safety and promote good etiquette. So what if they aren't surfing?! They are probably sitting on the outside talking and enjoying being out there....aka not in your way. Open your mind and learn a thing or two from them.


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    Youth is wasted on the young, time waits for no one and it won't wait for you (Mick J). Just remember one day you'll turn around and low and behold you're the old guy.

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    if you surf with us the breaks might be crowded but we are the locals at the point. Locally owned locally driven

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