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    your freakin crazy if u think that pic is crowded.u eastcoasters have it made.come on down to cali and check any video of sandspit,its like trying to drive down a road littered with potholes.then u run one guy over because he was in ur way and then u get jumped by 20 guys when u get back to the beach!i do understand theres lots of kooks out there who sit on the inside and u have to surf around them,but trust me thats nothing.i surfed the inlet one time,and that was hurricane bill back in 09.i was out from 6-8am,and there were atleast 80 people in the water,most of them not even surfing.i think we need to regulate the breaks to get rid the "old timers."i understand u been surfing since the 60s,but maybe its time to call it quits.i know many of them,and they tell me all the time,they usually paddle out and comingle amongst there buddies,and not even surf!!its like seniors driving 30mph on the parkway,they need to go!!!

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    I do have to agree with that. At least where I am EC just lacks somewhat of that packed intensity that I saw in CA. At least here you can move to another ****ty break, over there it's not so easy.
    Time for a jet board! More waves! Deeper barrels!

    Maybe your inlanders can start showing up on with those...not a big stretch for dividents

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    with surfing gaining so much popularity, guarded beaches (no surfing allowed) and having to pay to park in my part of NJ are a root cause. its lame, if you have 1 jetty every few miles that you are allowed to surf, most people learn to surf in summer then graduate to the colder months, right? then people will just naturally flock to that same 'surfing beach' and no where else. then its just routine, go to the same spot, surf the same wave because your comfortable. we've all prob fallen into that routine before we say ourselves, f it, not worth the hassle, i will find somwhere else. and paying to park is straight BS. i 100% refuse to do it personally. like paying obserd taxes isnt enough. and no nothing is sacred anymore..gosh darn interweb! god i miss the days of waking up and calling the surf report - yes - with a land line phone. or just checking it real quick cause the phone surf report was not updated (which means there was good waves!)

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    this is my home break, and it's always real crowded. it's only a 10 minute bike ride for me, but lately i've been having to go to spring lake, or belmar which is also crowded. there's spots by my buddy's in mantoloking, and ortley beach area that i hit that aren't as crowded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumbya55 View Post
    Manasquan, any given day. But lately it's been relentless. I've counted up to 65 guys on the main peak. This shot was from this past weekend.

    I blame the lack of winter storms, causing most beaches to shut down=less places to surf. Also beach replenishments never help anything except wealthy homeowners. Has anybody else noticed an increase in surfers this year over past years at their home breaks?

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    Thats a weekday morning crowd in CA. You want to see a real crowd go to Blacks beach or malibu on a weekend. The waves could be 1-2 and there will be 1,000 people out

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    It must be karma, but in a crowded lineup yesterday a longboard freight-trainer put a 5 inch gash in my rail. Guess better than my face, which was not far away!

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    dont surf inlet

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    I've seen more people at the Popeye's drive thru! How this relates, I don't know. HA HA

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    Yeah everywhere has been a zoo, but growing it was crowded but the respect was there. Lately, the people surfing groms to adults straight up have no respect or etiquette. Back in the day people got yelled at, punched and basically told to paddle in- not that it was right, but it worked. I guess bullying laws even scare surfers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nokooks View Post
    I count 35, go to loch arbour with up to 75 of your closest friends..
    3/4 of which are fat old bald guys taking off from way outside who can't even turn the longboards they are on.

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