A good friend of mine has moved down there for work and I should visit for few days. I could take the next week off and head down...So, last couple of months I have been eye balling conditions there and using SI for general prediction only to find out that it seems to generally...suck. I at least compared to OCMD and south NJ. I'll still visit but should I even bother to bring my board there? This weekend we might have a bump coming out way but that does not even register there. I could just ride my bike down and not even have to drive if I am not taking the board(s).
What am I to expect? I have never been there before and have never gotten out on east coast south of Frisco. Is there a good place for me to paddle out and get wet? Or will I need to rent a SUP and tool around wondering why am I not home in a warm water line up?

Thanks guys.