I'm 30, and I have only surfed for 4 years since moving to LA.

I am 5'9", 170 lbs, athletic build

I have one board (custom 7'10" Becker purchased on Craigslist) which I learned on and still continue to ride.
Mostly surfing at El Porto or Sunset Point at least twice a week.

Many have been telling me that I seem more than ready to transition into a shortboard.
And I have been wanting a shortboard for a long time. Just didn't want to be that foolish newbie purchasing a shortboard too soon and not even be able to get up on it. I think 4 years was a good wait time.

So after much research and calling/emailing around, I have been told a 6'2" CI Flyer would be the best all-around board. Some mentioned Fred Rubble and Pod.

At the same time, people have suggested I go to a local shaper.
I have contacted Guy Okazaki, and I'm waiting for his reply.

Can I get some helpful suggestions from wise surfers?
I would really appreciate it.