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Hey guess what? If people could get along you can actually ride 2 people on one wave. If the situation allows I'm like "go for it, come on, catch it too. Lets have some FUN!" Thats what its all about anyway, having fun. Or thats how it used to be anyway. I ride a short board and do this all the time when the rides are long. Most surfers these days don't realize thats is about the FUN and joy of riding a wave. I think thats the problem.
That's what im sayin man. Every time i read threads on here its all about people arguing against eachother about who's a kook and what not. Surfing used to be about bringing people with a common interest together to have a good time. Now its all "shortboarders vs longboards" and "surfers vs spongers" and "everyone else vs SUP". We all ride the same wave, who cares about the equipment we use. If you wanna go out there on a rubber raft and ride a wave, as long as you aren't harming me or the beach then go right a head!.