Aloha. Im visiting next week in the obx to florida area. I wanna have a peaceful time and i would like for at least one month for everybody to set aside ego and pride. And lets have a party wave n push eachother to surf better than we ever have before. I demand respect just like u do and it will be given to all before i even see you or make any contact w any surfers. East coast is my home. But lately everybody has gotten agro and thinks its funny to surf like assholes. If somebody threatens my life by dropping in on me. Ill wrap my leash around your throat n drown you. Surfing is something ill die for but its not gonna b from some kook who thinks cuz he had steroids for breakfast that hes god.

Beers are on me and the weed is on free. Lets bring the vibes that surfing is supposed to be about back yall. I dont wanna fight but if I run into these cats that keep on talkin all this garbage on here about poor sportsmanship Ill go psycho all the way to the beach and I wont stop until i die or go to jail

I usually am a pretty easy going guy but i felt after reading the posts on here for the past few months that i should give everyone a fair warning

So in conclusion I want peace and tranquility and i want everybody to push eachother to surf harder than they ever have. Go ahead ***** internet geeks n talk ur ****. But i will get what i want and thats waves. AT ANY COST. Even if its somebodies life. Im absolutely crazy about surfing

Peace Nameste or whatever n have a nice day. Im coming world