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    what equipment failures have you had the night before waves?

    trying to fix a huge chunk/ding out of my board tail the night before a decent swell arrives. only at qcell (i have no foam) stage. might have to skip to duct tape.
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    Sorry to hear bout your bad luck zaGaffer and hope ya heal up fine, i have to say, that was some entertaining reading

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    took your advice. didnt rush the repair. road my 7-10 funboard today. fun but not as fun as my dwart. guess i need more boards.

    I guess its better to have bad luck and waves than no waves. Cheers

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    solarez. that stuff is a permanent fix with fiberglass mixed in and it cures in 2 minutes in the sun, even on cloudy days. easily sanded down if need be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Don't do it, you'll regret it in the long run, plus it'll delay your repair job while you wait for it to dry out again. Hint, hint; duct(k) tape don't keep water out. If you aint got no qcell, cut up a bunch of fiberglass real fine so it's a bunch of little fibers, then put some resin in whatever container you use, add your catalyst and then your fiberglass fibers, mix her up, you want her to be like a slurry so cut plenty o fiberglass. Pour it into the hole, crack whatever. Heh heh. Don't make a g-damn mess! Sand her in like a hour or two, hit it with a sheet a glass an some mor resin, BLAMMO, water tight and outta sight.

    You asked bout quipment failures, well I had a week full o'em. Man, I tell you what; last Friday I take off from work go for dawn patrol, beautiful. Took ma log, was bigger en I expected, no prob, had a blast. Well, I hang in a little too long, get shacked for bout half a sec and then ate, dive through the wave and the ol log goes ta other way. Was pretty damn close to the shore which is a we bit rocky so SOP, 'cept I picked up a fackin ding on the rail this time. Totally worth it. Whatever, peddled home, grabbed the Coil; paddled back out, had a blast. Surfed 3 different spots that day with some friends from outta town.

    Well, come Sunday I'm out on the wife's 7'2" that I shaped and glassed, some poor, teenage girl gets carried by the rip 15' in front of me while I'm paddling back into the line up as a set is comin through. She screws the pooch on her duck dive, gets caught in the wash and I see her tail go right up in the air. I thinks ol' boy, she's comin' right for us. I turtle, get ma hand smashed and a fat fin sized gash in ma rail on that board. Need to fix her 2morrow.

    So, I fix the ding on the rail of my longboard Tuesday night (magic 3 days of dry time) after my evening sesh and the lil'ins have gone off to the land o' Nod. Take her out Wed. and it's minor boomin again. Bit walled up and closed put, but not hairy. It was miniscule the day before and the forecast was callin' for 2-3', so it's a h377 of a nice surprise.Well sh!1, I ain't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, so I go get some, have some fun. Drop into one I knew better than to, an I get ate. Well padner, I end up gettin' a couple of fins to the arse. Stang somethin' fierce, but no worries. Grab the next one in the set an I feel a bit of a flutter.grab another couple, still flutterin'. Get out of the water an the glass round my lft fin is all cracked and it's been depressed about .5". Loose as a goose an drippin. SumOaBeeyatch, just fixed her! My leg hasn't had bruises on it like this since I used to pay people to kick me. Gotta cut that fin off then glassit back on tomorrow too.

    Welp, tonight as I'm ridden home from my sesh, the rear tire on my ol' bike up an falls out of the grooves right as I'm crossin the 101 on the rail road tracks. Took one o them big, ol metals pedals with the spikes right to the achilles tendon. Hurts like a mutherfcker and bled all over the place. Least I didn't eat sh|1 or ding another board, saved me from having' to fix another ding and gettin' run over.

    Bad luck week. Least I got a deep quiver. Nothin some resin, fiberglass, neosporin, a couple o vikes left from my knee surgery and a rum n coke don't fix. Good luck on that ding repair, c u out there 2morrow mornin (metaphorically speakin'). Should b good.

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    That was effin hilarious... and a great attitude, too.