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    shoulder hoppers

    somewhat along the lines of the "i sit way outside" post. i am tired of people who sit on the shoulder of a sand bar or jetty and try and pick waves off. then they ***** and moan when they don't catch any waves or they think the "order" of the line up isn't being followed.

    nut up and sit on the peak you pansies.

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    Cool, thanks for contributing that!

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    Nov 2007
    Really? I'd rather have ten guys on the shoulder than 10 guys fighting for the peak.

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    if you sit on the shoulder b/c you can't handle the peak, you shouldn't be out in the first place. these are the same people that typically can't get out of your way and ruin your wave, and then give you a dirty look when you paddle back you cause you got a little too close for their comfort.