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Thread: Surf ettiquette

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    Ditto. I don't pay much attention to the background noise. I lurked for a while, started a thread and got some good info...I appreciate have the data easily avail at the site. If someone wants to argue 'I'm more surfer than you surfer', whatever. Seems there is good amount of helpful cool people on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbuldge View Post
    Starting sh*t online is for kooks. If I have a problem with you I will rip your out of the water and sh*t down your throat. Tired of the nonsense.

    Maybe you should poop before you go into the water so you won't be so uptight. You might have a better session and won't be looking for people with wide throats to get mad at.

    I've never pooped in someone's throat before but I imagine you must have incredible sphincter control and stage fright isn't an issue for a manboy like you. Congratulations sir.

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    I think most would find there is a wealth of info in most of the threads on this forum. Sure, I come across as a world-class jerk sometimes, but it really seems there are quite a few on this forum with absolutely no sense of humor or ability to grasp sarcasm. To some, a free surfing-related forecasting and forum community MUST be really, really serious business.

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    Dudes, totally! Everyone just needs to chill out, in the waves or on the web, for all the sakes of all the gods! There is no reason to talk any sh*t. We all just like surfing and like the awesome service Swell Info gives us! Read up on this for some common sense in the waves. Maybe someone should write list for some surfing etiquette when on a surf forum ... These guys have been popping up on my Google alerts for surf camps lately ... Anyone heard of them?

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    Today is going to be a great day. Enjoy it.

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    The spambots are getting smarter. We are doomed...