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Thread: winter surfing

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    Do they say what temperature will destroy the glue? It sounds like a valid point but I've always showered with my wetsuits, 3/2 and 5/4 (both excels), and never had any issues with the glue deteriorating. My 3/2 actually lasted the better part of 7 years, and if it wasn't for the fact that it's a small and I'm not, it would probably still be alive. I could see how a hot tub, with water temps over 100F, could damage the glue. A hot shower I guess could potentially too, so it's probably good advice to keep the water a little cooler when washing off the suit. However, I don't see many alternatives to rinsing off a wetsuit in the middle of winter. Do people really hose them off outside? Before they've showered and are still freezing? Or after a warm shower when feeling is just returning to your toes and the idea of anything wet or cold is miserable? Personally, I've found this method works best...
    First off I don't have to endure the type of cold you guys do up in the NE although it's still pretty cold on the coldest days. The care instructions always say only to rinse with cool water. I dump warm water from my hot tank on my head/body after I pull the top off my suit down. Then I put on my beanie & jacket/sweatshirt, wrap a towell around my waist and get out of the suit and into pants. I rinse my suit out with cold water in a rubbermaid tub back at the house after I've warmed up with a shower if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wordsarewisdom View Post
    Heres something no one else has mentioned. If you can steal one of those trays from a fast food place(taco bell, etc). Its way more enjoyable to stand on that tray as opposed to the cold ground when your changing.

    Def bring hot water jugs for post session changing too. If you have one of those trays it fills the tray to keep your toes warm too
    +1. i keep one of those small square carpet samples in the truck to change on when it gets really cold.

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    +1 xcel wetsuits for life, dawg

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    Quote Originally Posted by stayabovetheweather View Post
    yea this is a stupid idea ... do not recommend this....
    I should have said more but didn't want to ramble on.

    I'd only recommend it if your in between sizes with height in one size range and weight in another range.

    I normally go the smaller one with the logic that a suit can stretch a couple inches length wise for my height. For my winter suit I went bigger so i could peel it off and get the hell in the car. Getting flushed isn't nearly as bad a problem for me as the ice cream headaches anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idsmashh View Post
    I really don't recomment this. A bigger wetsuit just means that much more 30degree water is gonna rush down your back when you wipeout.
    Right, Right..........Your suit should be skin tight when you put it on. It'll loosen up when it gets wet. Leave your socks on when getting into it for an easier entry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wave1rider65 View Post
    Right, Right..........Your suit should be skin tight when you put it on. It'll loosen up when it gets wet. Leave your socks on when getting into it for an easier entry.
    Agreed with all of you.

    I didn't meant to post such bad advice to generically "BUY A BIGGER SUIT FOR WINTER!" The xcel infinity drylock is an exercise to climb out of though.

    Since my weight is right on the cusp of 2XL and 3XL with height way at the top of the 3XL, I go for the 3XL so i don't have to struggle too much getting it on and off. Yeah I take a little more flushing for it. It's the sacrifice I chose.

    A2Tall, I think has a build as tall and slimmer than me... I wonder how he sizes his suit in winter when flushing and changing both suck extra.

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    I can't wait to be in a hooded suit surfing the best winter has to offer either alone or with the small group of friends I have that think there is something amazing about being ABLE to surf all winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skimdog View Post
    So I have not done it yet but this winter I will. Any tips , experiences or advise is appreciated. (Thanks in advance for the shriveled balls jokes.) Thanks a lot.
    I surf Fortunes Rock in Maine all the time. I agree with other posts. Get an Xcel Drylock 6/5/4 and some 5mm gloves and 7mm boots. Also, that tip for waxing the rails is spot on. I would also suggest getting some under armor boxers. Board shorts will bunch up and be super uncomfortable.

    If I stay at a buddies house close to the beach we just wear our suits to and from the house. If I'm making a day trip and have to head back to Boston, then I experience the coldest 5 minutes of my life trying to get the suit off. That is the other thing, might want to make a few dry runs getting that 6/5/4 center step suit off. Getting out of one of those things would give Houdini a hard time.

    Other than that enjoy the winter breaks.

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    RIer--I tried to get though last winter with a billabong 5/4/3 and drylock 7 mil boat and gloves. It wasnt even a really cold winter and I got hypothermic. It sucked and I went out and bought a 6/5/4 at the end of the winter season.

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    Just got the excel on whiskey M last week. Overall a great fit 6/5 xltall for $199 you can't beat that! But man it is a ***** getting off and the flap in the back is hard to get straightened out by yourself if it is folded over. But I think overall , I will be very happy come January in Dirty Jersey! Thanks for the tip dude now I need some 7 mill booties and gloves any suggestions.
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