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Thread: winter surfing

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    hey marksharky I just ordered the same suit in the same size. whats your height and weight? I am 6'3 and 210 lb and hoping it fits well. I went with the xlt instead of the 2xl because of the thickness of the suit... any input??

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    i have heard good things about the xcel boots but personally have the oneill fx firewall 7mm and I like them (they are advertised as surf or diving boots). As for gloves, I use hyperflex lobster claw 5mm, which keep my hands warm. I have heard hyperflex boots suck fyi but for the $ the gloves seem like a good value.

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    [QUOTE=Wordsarewisdom;140670]Heres something no one else has mentioned. If you can steal one of those trays from a fast food place(taco bell, etc). Its way more enjoyable to stand on that tray as opposed to the cold ground when your changing.

    Yes, those interlocking rubber square mats from home depot take the edge off. Standing on the rubber instead of pavement is WAY warmer.
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    6'3" 190 and it's a tad tight but overall good fit for me I think it may be a stretch with 20 added pounds. Like I said it was real tough to get out of but the suit was dry.. 2xl may be the way to go if you can contact them.

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    Thanks man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIer View Post
    Hey-- I've got the same issue, but I surf in Rhode Island. I'm wondering whether I can just go with a hooded 5/4/3 instead of a 6/5/4. Anyone from the area care to weigh in?
    I surf RI in the winter and use a Bodyglove Vapor 5/4/3. I've stayed out for 2 hours and never been frozen. I would probably buy another one when my current one wears out, but I should get at least another season out of it though (my third).

    Personally, it's the hands and feet that need the the thicker neoprene. I like lobster claw style gloves and a pair of standard round toe 7mm Xcel booties.
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    People seem to make a big deal over how cold winter surfing is. Honestly its not that bad. Granted I have never surfed Maine in the winter but I do spend a decent amount of time in NH and as long as you are paddling and have a 6/5 you will stay warm. If you take a set on the head you will get branifreeze and if you get water in your suit its going to be a cold rush but its not that bad if you keep moving. As for changing i have a thick bathrobe that I change in outside of my car and yeah its chilly but not terrible. The coldest air temp I have been out in was in the mid 20s so maybe if it is below 25 it would be tough to change outside. The key is do not get out after you are too beat to paddle. When you realize you are done for the day paddle around for a bit and warm up. Hopefully its not long walk to your car because they heat generated by your body should keep you warm enough to get out of your suit. Do make sure to get your car going while you change. All in all if its in the 30s and there is not a biting wind you will be amazed at how warm you will be when you are out in the winter.