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    Thinking about making an alaia and i was wondering if anyone had any tips or have ridden one before.

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    search the threads...i know there's one dedicated to this question already.

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    There are other threads but I'll say it again..... Rob machado is awesome on alaias on perfect waves on youtube. You probably won't be. It takes a lot of sacrifice of good waves to even begin to ride these things.

    However they are a fun build and make great wall hangers.

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    I'm building one right now and it's really fun thats all I got

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    I want to start one when I get a little less busy in the woodshop, too many paying side projects right now.
    I have a pretty good connection for getting Paulownia at a decent price. Maybe mix it up with some sort of Mahogany and Teak accents--maybe I'll even start on it some day...

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    It's amazing how simple these look to make!

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    I made my first one not that long ago, It was fun and not that hard at all. I bought paulownia blanks from papa kai (search on the web) Jeremy over there hooked me up with some templates as well. On its maiden voyage i stood up on a few waves and it is fast and slidey to say the least. I went with the traditional squared off tail....but on that same day it i glued it and cut it into a fish tail (shortend it up from 6'8")

    Haven't gotten back on it, waiting for a smaller clean day with less of a crowd. It is no where near as buoyant as a modern board but its...and if you can master paddling on it you will be a machine on a regular board fer sure. Ill try and get a pic up of her... she is called "the sprout" lol

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    I ride my alaia 100% of the time and it's super fun and super versatile. I ride knee high waves most of the time, but when we get a bigger swell,l I'll ride it as big as it gets. I've had some great hurricane waves on it and I'm looking forward to some PR barrels in Feb.