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Thread: mon winds

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    mon winds

    Winds are oll over the place!
    I take it that it will be sketchy on whether it will be good or bad. Some weather sites say West earlier others say later. I am on the fence!
    What say U?

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    The gfs model (winds shown in wave map) is point to an early evening shift, while the NAM (winds shown in swellinfo nearshore wind map) point to a late afternoon wind shift. Its not looking ideal, but were going to have to keep an eye on the latest forecasts for hopefully an hour or two of cleanup.

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    But Jimbo Robinson says its gonna be EPIC!

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    ExtremeSpongerChicks Guest

    stormy, foggy mess!

    Well based on the cams alone, it would have to be some major clean up for anything to be ridable today. What's with all the fog and wind- oh mother nature what a tease.